Student residence Internet

TELTA Citynetz GmbH is the internet provider for the student residences. PPPoE dial-up is required for internet use. You do not need to register with TELTA to use it free of charge. The bandwidth for free access is 6MBit for download and 1MBit for upload. You are free to conclude normal contracts with higher bandwidths with TELTA. Depending on the location, they can offer up to 100MBit.

Initial setup
You can find step-by-step instructions for setting up the PPPoE connection on the Telta website ( (section: Setting up a broadband Internet connection to TELTA).
The user name and password used can be freely chosen by you and does not have to correspond to your HNEE ID. The only important thing is that you add “” after your login name, e.g.
Furthermore, the user name you create must be unique, as multiple dial-ins are not allowed! So if your chosen name is already taken elsewhere, try a different one.

To connect your computer, it must be equipped with a network card. Most notebooks already have a network card installed. You also need a connection cable (twisted pair patch cable) with two RJ45 plugs to establish the connection between the network card and the connection box. When purchasing, be careful not to purchase a cross-over cable that is intended to connect two computers.
You can operate your computer from any shared socket in any room in any dormitory. The connection sockets are not assigned to a specific person.

Drive S and P
ATTENTION: If you want to connect to the S or P drive from the dormitory, you must first establish an encrypted VPN connection.

You can find the instructions for this in our knowledge base